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Welcome! I offer a range of practices, healings and therapies, learnt through many years' training and personal engagement. Everything I offer has been a part of my own process of healing, and is work for which I feel great devotion and gratitude.

I believe people can find ways to bring greater joy, purpose and meaning into their lives, I have a passion for supporting people to find their own way to greater wholeness. 

Although the various approaches I offer may look very different, for me they are different faces of the same thing - ways for  people to connect with their own wisdom and sacred being,


My work is dedicated to serving the greater Life that flows through us all. 

I want to express the greatest possible gratitude to all the teachers, healers, lineage holders, medicine workers, therapists and friends who have undoubtedly helped save my life and let me find love and joy. I thank you all and wish you joy and satisfaction in your lives. 

You have the

power to say, 

"This is NOT

how my story will end."

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