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If you’re wanting to make changes in your life, or find a new direction, coaching can offer structured accompaniment and support.


There’s a lot of research that demonstrates our difficulties in making changes “stick” are not about our poor will-power or weak characters.


Our neurobiology predisposes most of us to procrastination, anxiety and prevarication.


Working with a coach to get clear on what goals you really want to set (and not just the ones you think you should be aiming for), and to create a realistic road plan, can make all the difference. Exploring set-backs as well as celebrating successes along the way gradually builds momentum and confidence.

I was trained as a coach as part of my management training, and I have coached staff for many years. I have been moved and repeatedly inspired at the difference coaching can bring.

Coaching sessions last an hour. 

Available in person and via Skype.

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