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Despachos are an important and beautiful part of Andean shamanism. Working with a Paqo (the Andean word for healer or shaman), the people of the Andes create different kinds of despachos at particular points in their lives:
  • Black despachos are a way of creating a bundle out of everything you wish to let go of in your life. In a deep process of releasing, a physical parcel is created, which you will go on to release to the elements. This can be a powerful process, and is a way of making a decisive step when you feel stuck in a situation, and are ready for change.

  • A gratitude despacho is a beautiful  way of saying thank you to the Universe. Gratitude is often the most powerful way of recognising the miracle of our lives. A gratitude despacho supports you to live more fully in the energy of flow, making the experience of future abundance more possible.

  • A White despacho is a way of calling in what you are longing for in life. Again, like the other despachos, you create a bundle or parcel, in this case containing representations of everything you want to call in.  These typically work best a few months after a black despacho.

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