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Focusing offers the space to slow down and deeply feel what is known in the body and the psyche, beneath the chatter of the everyday mind.
Rooted in extensive psychological research, it offers a way of transforming what can feel like the most stuck places in our lives. 
Click here to read more about what Focusing can offer and my training and interests: 

"This gave me the breakthrough I'd been searching for and not really believing in. I wasn't expecting that. It changes everything." 

Sacred knowledge is ... not about intellect, but about feeling, sensing.     Puriq qoto -The Path of The Energetic Mystic

Gentle accompaniment offers support in maintaining compassionate connection with our deeper self. This compassionate connection allows the most profound healing and transformation to emerge.

Focusing, over time, cultivates the ability to “know”, in one’s core, what is needed and what is longed for. It provides a compass to navigate any life challenge, and the means to discover love and gentleness for ourselves, whatever else is happening around us.

Several sessions are often needed to really grasp the potential that Focusing offers, but often even one session can bring what is felt as a revolutionary shift.

Focusing sessions last an hour and are often undertaken seated, although standing, lying down and moving are all options, depending on your needs. 

Available in person and via Skype.


Certified by the BFA as a Focusing Practitioner.

I worked 1-1 with Ann Weiser-Cornell for over a year, and have taken Treasure Maps to the Soul and other courses in Releasing Blocks to Action and Wholebody Focusing

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