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A core part of many forms of traditional shamanism, is finding and connecting with totem or power animals, and our personal spririt helpers and guides.

Spiritual assistance isn't there to make things easy and have everything go your way, but to help you grow into the fuller version of who you are. Rather than revealing that you're on the wrong track, shake-up and breakup often indicate that you're really starting to get somewhere. Of course, it's hard to feel this way while getting battered around by the severe crosswinds of our time, but that's when you most need to know it.                 Mark Borax

These relationships are seen as essential to living fully, and feeling connected to the bigger cosmos. They can be a source of enduring support and guidance.

In the case of totem or spirit animals, I can journey for you and locate your animal. I will carry back the essence of this animal, and blow it into one or more of your energy centres. We will spend time understanding what this means for you, and how you can work with this being.

For spirit helpers and guides, I will lead you on your own journey, to discover one of your guides. I'll work with you to understand how you can create a link with this guide, and draw on them for support. 

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