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While much shamanic work requires hands-on engagement, there are some processes that work particularly well via Zoom (or other online conferencing tools):

"I don't know how she does it, but distance doesn't seem an obstacle. She can track exactly what's happening. Her work is amazing."

  • Ancestral healing – this has two stages, needing two separate sessions. The first clears old patterns and brings healing to the ancestral line. The second reconnects you with an ancestor who is keen to bring support and reconnection to your life. Many people in the modern world have very broken and damaged ancestral lines, and struggle to feel at home in the world. This work with the ancestors is a powerful and sacred way of finding your place on the earth.


  • Journeying to find spirit guides and helpers – see the page under Shamanism for more details.


  • Guidance on psychic protection – we can discuss your experiences and I can teach you techniques and practices to ensure you are always psychically protected


  • Contract breaking – This is a process of clearing ties and commitments, often forgotten or unconscious, which are keeping a relationship stuck and painful. It is only undertaken when you feel that all other avenues for resolution have been exhausted, and you have a strong need to move on.  Once learnt, you can undertake this work on your own if needed.


  • Cord cutting – particularly helpful if you feel another person is draining your energy, or where you have been closely connected to another and now need to end that connection. Cords are energy channels that link us to others. Often they are a source of positive flow, for example between lovers, or a mother and child. However, they can also connect us where it is no longer appropriate. Cutting cords that no longer serve us can help with restoring our energy levels and moving on from troubled relationships. Once learnt, you can easily undertake this work on your own.

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